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About High Vibes Wellness

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As a coaching professional on health, wellness, nutrition, breathing techniques, and Yoga, 

High Vibes Wellness aims to deliver a Holistic approach to coaching as looking into all levels of a Human being, not only physical but also mental, emotional, and spiritual.

High Vibes Wellness offers education, inspiration, support and guidance to women who feel stuck in their lives but know the importance of taking action and getting the control back into their routine in order to create positive change in their lives.  

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Client Reviews

Jeanine Borg Ghigo

Oh what a journey it has been thank you Esin for the past 6 months. Life really does put you in touch with the right people and at the right time and I believe you just popped into my life when I needed it the most but also because I was ready to make those changes. Esin reads people well and tackles every issue you may be going through in a holistic and easy approach and shows that with slight changes to your life and a different perception, your mindset transforms completely, her approach is also goal and task oriented meaning that if you want change you need to work for it and prove it. What you learn is a recipe for life that will help you grow and keep growing. How easy it is to supress our true self due to external factors of life yet Esin brought out my true self and made me realise how special I am in my own ways. A big thank you!

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